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Rapid Set DPM

Setcrete Rapid Set DPM is a solvent-free, two part epoxy resin damp proof membrane. It suppresses residual construction moisture and rising damp in flooring installations, in just one application.

Setcrete Rapid Set DPM quickly cures to provide a barrier which prevents subfloor moisture from adversely affecting subsequent floorcovering installations. The product is applied in a single coat and has a curing time from just 3 hours, allowing early installation of floorcoverings in fast track building programmes.

For further information on Setcrete Rapid Set DPM, please view the technical datasheet. To see a practical demonstration of this product, please watch the video below.


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When should I use a DPM?Buildings that were constructed pre 1965 are unlikely to have an effective DPM installed at the time of construction. This means that moisture is able to permeate through the subfloor and cause damage to the performance of any floor levellers used and also the appearance of floorcoverings.

If you have used a moisture meter and have received a reading of over 75% relative humidity (RH), then the floor is not suitable to apply levelling compounds or floorcoverings over the top until the moisture issue is resolved. Setcrete Rapid Set DPM can be applied over damp subfloors where readings of 75-98% RH have been achieved. The DPM can receive a Setcrete Floor Leveller or Setcrete Rapid Set Wood Flooring Adhesive after 3 hours.

Buildings that have a newly laid concrete base will take 1mm per day before they are ready to receive a levelling compound or floorcovering. Usually ground floor bases are at least 100mm deep and therefore require a 100 days to dry prior to covering. Setcrete Rapid Set DPM can be applied over newly laid concrete after 7 days which should save 93 days within a building programme.