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Setcrete Rapid Set System Delivers

Setcrete’s Rapid Set floor preparation system has been used to prepare the floor of a breakfast/kitchen and utility room in a two-bedroom bungalow in Rugby as part of an extensive refurbishment being undertaken to ready the home for the private rental market. The Rapid Set system ensured that the aesthetics of the rooms were optimised when the final vinyl floor covering was laid, as well as safeguarding the longevity of the installation. The fasttrack solution also ensured the entire preparation could be undertaken in a single day.

Following the removal of the previous floor covering, old adhesive residue was removed from the floor using a mechanical grinder. The floor was then moisture tested, which is recommended practice, prior to a floor levelling compound being applied.

The results of the moisture test indicated that the relative humidity (RH) of the floor was over 90%; a reading over 75% (or 65% if a wood floor is being laid) dictates that a damp proof membrane needs to be installed, otherwise the integrity of the floor will be compromised. In the case of vinyl floor coverings, this may manifest itself in the form of blistering or the lifting at the edges and at joins.

As such, Setcrete Rapid Set DPM damp proof membrane was installed. This two part epoxy resin system requires only a single application to provide total protection against subfloor moisture and cures in just three hours.

Setcrete Rapid Set 30, floor levelling compound was applied over the DPM, following the application of Setcrete Acrylic Primer, which promotes the adhesion of the levelling compound to the DPM. The Rapid Set 30 provided a smooth and level surface, free from imperfections, on which the vinyl sheet floor covering could be laid. The fastest drying floor levelling compound on the market, Setcrete Rapid Set 30 is ‘walk-on’ hard from just 30 minutes and is ready to receive a new floor covering after only 45 minutes.

Commenting on the Rapid Set system, builder, James Peck said: “The Setcrete products are brilliant and the technical support is second to none; it’s like having them in the room with me while I’m doing the job. That’s why I’d never use anything else.”