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Setcrete Exterior Creates Showroom Finish for Garage Floor

Setcrete Exterior levelling compound proved to be the perfect choice to smooth and prepare the floor of an industrial building, prior to the application of an epoxy resin finish, during the building’s conversion into a car mechanics’ garage. Designed for smoothing and levelling outside areas that are subject to varying climatic conditions, Setcrete Exterior is also suitable for semi-external spaces, such as garages, that are partially exposed to the elements.

Having first ensured the sand/cement screed base of the building was clean and free from loose debris, builders applied Setcrete Rapid Set DPM to prevent subfloor moisture from rising to the surface. Once the DPM had cured, the floor was primed with Setcrete acrylic primer, before Setcrete Exterior was applied.

The water-mix levelling compound was poured onto the floor and allowed to naturally flow to achieve a smooth finish, requiring minimal work with a smoothing trowel.

Because the floor area was so large, the builders opted to apply the levelling compound in manageable sections to remove the risk of exceeding its recommended 15 minute working time, ensuring that subsequent batches of mixed compound could be seamlessly blended into the compound already applied.

The epoxy resin coating applied to the super-smooth wearing surface ensures it can be easily cleaned of dirt, oil, brake fluid and other chemicals used by the mechanics, while creating a smart, professional appearance for the garage.

Commenting on Setcrete Exterior, builder Tim Ireland said: “Setcrete Exterior is a fantastic product; it’s easy to work with, flows superbly and delivers a super smooth surface.”