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Acrylic Primer

Setcrete Acrylic Primer prevents unacceptably rapid drying of Setcrete Floor Levelling Compounds over absorbent subfloors and promotes adhesion to non-absorbent surfaces. It is suitable for use over normal underfloor heating installations and is coloured green to provide the user with visual control of coverage uniformity.

Setcrete Acrylic Primer should be used on absorbent surfaces such as concrete, sand/cement screeds, plywood and hardboard. It should also be used on non-absorbent surfaces of terrazzo, power floated concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles, sound asphalt, well bonded epoxy and polyurethane coatings and minimal existing adhesive residue.

Why do I need to prime?Priming the subfloor prior to the installation of a floor levelling compound is crucial to gain a high adhesion strength between the levelling compound and substrate and to also gain a better surface finish.

If applying to a highly absorbent surface, the water within the levelling compound is likely to be drawn into the subfloor causing rapid drying of the levelling compound this results in an imperfect finish such as cracking and pinholing.

Priming over non-absorbent surfaces is imperative to gain the required bond strength.