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Rapid Set Repair Mortar

Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar is an economical and easy to use mortar for repairing a wide range of damaged or worn concrete surfaces. It is a single component product which is suitable for use on both internal and external applications and can be applied to horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces.

Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar has been specifically designed for improved durability and freeze-thaw resistance. When mixed it forms a thixotropic mortar that can be easily applied in thicknesses from 3mm-25mm horizontally in a single application and up to 10mm unfilled for vertical applications.

Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar can be used for the non-structural repair of lower strength concrete elements such as floor screeds, concrete paving slabs, balcony edges, beams, lintels, stair treads, risers and for creating ramps. It is supplied in handy 5kg pouch and is walk on hard in just 60 minutes.

For full details on Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar, please view the technical datasheet.


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How long until Setcrete Rpaid Set Repair Mortar can be trafficked?Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar can receive foot traffic after 1 hour.
What depth can Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar be applied up to?Setcrete Rapid Set Repair Mortar can be applied in depths from 3-20mm unfilled and 20-50mm filled with 3mm graded agregate on horizontal surfaces. On vertical surfaces the product can be applied up to 10mm in depth.