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Setcrete Latex is a floor levelling compound for use in light to medium traffic internal areas prior to the installation of new floorcoverings. It is suitable for use over a wide range of absorbent subfloor types including sand/cement screed and concrete. It is also suitable for use over non-absorbent subfloors such as ceramics, granolithic, terrazzo, epoxy and polyurethane resins and quarry tiles, providing they are sound, well adhered and suitably prepared.

Setcrete Latex is self-smoothing and can be applied at thicknesses between 2-10mm.

For further information on this product, please view the technical data sheet. To see Setcrete Latex in use, please watch the video below.


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What makes Setcrete Latex different to the other standard floor levellers on the market?Setcrete Latex can be applied in a greater range of depths (2-10mm) than the standard 3-6mm of other brands. It also boasts a coverage of 5.75m2 per unit compared to the standard 5m2 per unit. Due to the cement technology that is used Setcrete Latex also has greater smoothing and levelling qualities.