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Setcrete Raises Expectations in the Home

Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound has demonstrated its effectiveness and suitability as a fast track economical solution for levelling uneven floors, as illustrated by its use in a residential property in Hagley, Birmingham.

Applied to raise the floor to create a 6m2 kitchen extension, Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound was chosen due to its ability to build and level a subfloor quickly and effectively. The original floor was uneven and with a new underfloor heating system being installed, Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound was applied at thicknesses between 5mm – 40mm to create a smooth, hard-wearing and level floor on which the underfloor heating system could be installed.

Setcrete Deep Base Levelling Compound can deliver 50mm thickness in just one application and is suitable for a wide range of floor types, including sand/cement screed, concrete, granolithic, terrazzo, ceramic and quarry tiles. The water-mix product is latex free and has excellent self-levelling and flow properties as well as a rapid drying time, making it ideal for projects with strict time constraints, such as the property in Hagley.

The building contractor, using the Setcrete product for the first time, was very pleased with the results and commented: “Setcrete representatives carried out a demonstration at my local builder’s merchant and the Deep Base Levelling Compound seemed like a great product. It is ideal for jobs such as a kitchen extension, where two rooms adjacent to each other need to be brought up to the same level. Achieving walk-on hardness in just three hours, the product is perfect for jobs with time restrictions.

“I’ve never used a self-levelling product before and having a representative advise me was a great help. Mixing the product was easy and I’m definitely going to use Setcrete Deep Base Levelling Compound in the future.”