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Setcrete Deep Base Levelling Compound Demonstrates Effectiveness on Uneven Subfloors

Setcrete’s Acrylic Primer and Deep Base Levelling Compound have been used to complete a house renovation project in Crosby, Liverpool.

Following the construction of a 9m2 extension at the rear of the property, the concrete subfloor needed to be raised to the same height of the existing kitchen floor to create a larger kitchen area. As such, the flooring contractor, Ged Farrington, primed the extension subfloor using Setcrete’s Acrylic Primer. Designed to promote adhesion of levelling compounds to the subfloor, Setcrete’s Acrylic Primer has a unique formulation which provides stronger adhesion to levelling compounds compared to traditional PVA primers.

Suitable for use on absorbent surfaces like sand/cement screeds or non-absorbent surfaces, such as terrazzo, power floated concrete, quarry and ceramic tiles and sound asphalt, one coat of the acrylic primer was applied to provide a high quality finish and prevent pinholing.

Following the application of the primer, Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound was installed at depths of up to 45mm to raise the concrete subfloor to the required level. Its excellent self-levelling and fast-setting properties enabled the extension to be finished quickly and effectively, providing a rapid and economical way for the contractor to build up the new concrete subfloor.

Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound complies with low emission standards and is also low odour and high-strength, making it the ideal product for renovations in areas which are heavily trafficked and need to be completed without delay.

Flooring contractor, Ged Farrington, comments: “I purchased the Setcrete products from the local Travis Perkins store in Widnes. This was the first time I had ever used Setcrete’s Deep Base Levelling Compound and I found it very easy to mix and install. Its fast drying time and ease of use made it perfect for the job. It levelled out the subfloor so evenly that I could adhere the parquet floorcovering directly onto the completed subfloor. It provided a walk on surface in under three hours and produced a professional finish – I was very impressed.”