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New Setcrete Rapid Set 30 serves up speedy surface for social housing scheme

Setcrete Rapid Set 30 proved to be the ideal solution for builders in the recent refurbishment of kitchens in a social housing complex. The use of the fastest drying levelling compound allowed for up to three kitchen floors to be refurbished in one day, and get the project completed at a rapid speed, whilst maintaining high standards.

As the complex was fully occupied, the builders were asked to complete the project as quickly as possible to cause minimal disruption to residents. The levelling compound was installed at varying thicknesses in the different kitchens to create a level, safe and hardwearing surface for the vinyl floorcovering to be adhered to, to complete the installation.

Utilising the latest technology, Setcrete Rapid Set 30 provides the ultimate fast track flooring solution for tradesmen, providing a smooth, durable and high performance finish each and every time. Setcrete’s new levelling compound is designed to be self-levelling and user-friendly, allowing professional builders to complete flooring installations faster and easier than ever before.

Ideal for projects where time is crucial, Setcrete Rapid Set 30 combines both rapid setting and rapid drying characteristics, to create the ideal solution when flooring installations need to be completed within hours, such as social housing, residential properties, extensions and commercial areas, where access is required often within the same day. The levelling compound is walk-on hard after just 30 minutes and is sufficiently dry to allow for the installation of textile and resilient floorcoverings from 45 minutes.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Harris, Marketing Manager at Setcrete, said: “Setcrete Rapid Set 30’s time saving properties are unique to the building market. With a genuine working time of 10 – 15 minute and 30 minute walk-on time, there is nothing quite like it available in the industry. Whether it’s a commercial refurbishment or a property extension, Setcrete is committed to bringing tradesmen simple, professional flooring solutions.”